Conceptual Age

I was reading this book “A Whole New Mind, Why right brainers will the rule the future” by Daniel Pink and got to know about the whole new age i.e. Conceptual Age

Conceptual Age, An age where creativity, design, thinking out of box, Innovation, doing something new is more important then Logic’s and Management.

Gone are days of Computer Programmer’s, Lawyers and MBA’s (Left brainers). He says today the world is in the hands of Artists, Inventors, designers, story tellers, big picture thinkers- (Right brainers)

Author’s argument is based on rise of three huge social and economic forces-Abundance, Asia and Automation.
Here’s an article from the author where he describes in brief about these factors:

The book is divided into two parts:
Part I is dedicated to Rise of Conceptual Age (as explain above)
Part II is dedicated to various Skills that will play a vital role in Conceptual Age

Skills that he has pointed out are as follows:
• Design
• Story
• Symphony
• Empathy
• Play
• Meaning

Author has even gone further in explaining of how one can develop such skills.
If you really want to stay ahead in your career then this book is highly recommended.

Here’s what authour has to say:

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