Facebook Update: New and Powerful Privacy Control Feature

Kudos!Facebook Logo
Finally Facebook has listen us!
Facebook’s new update promises us more powerful sharing options and give control over users flow of data.
Now users can control sharing of their Status Updates, Photo’s they are tagged in and Profile content.
The move is literary similar to the new social networking website Google+.
These features are not live on Facebook as they are under “Coming Soon” tag.
So what’s in the new update:-

    1) Privacy Control Feature Added Next To Your Status Update-
    Now you have the control over sharing of your Status Updates. You will tell Facebook whom to show your update.You can create customize groups like School Friends or College Friends… and selecting them will share your update only with them.(Much like Circles in G+).
    New Facebook Privacy Control Feature

    2) View Profile As…
    New Button added on your profile page “View Profile As…”
    This will enable users to see how their Facebook profiles look like to their friends. (Much awaited Feature)
    Facebook view profile as

    3) Control Over Your Photo Tagging and Content Tagging-
    Whenever someone tags a photo of you or tags you in his/her status update, you will be asked to approve or reject it.
    The new feature will not allow anyone to publish any content about you unless it is approved.
    So now when someone tags a photo of you, you will be asked to verify it and only then it will be published and shared on your profile.
    Photo Tagging

    4) Removing Tags From Photos-
    More powerful and clear feature.
    Next time when you remove your tag from photo,You may ask to provide some suggestion to up-loader like removing the photo itself.
    Facebook Remove Tag

    5) Privacy Controls on Your Profiles-
    Currently you have to go on settings page and control who can see your Hometown, Interested in, Relationship status and other stuffs.
    In the new improved Facebook such control features will be right next to your Hometown button or say Relationship button.You will be having the right to make it visible to everyone or to some people.
    Facebook Profile Privacy

    6) Check in Feature-
    Anywhere you go Facebook will follow you.A new Check-In feature will be added on your status update bar.
    You can write down the place on your status manually or by selecting the suggestions given by Facebook.
    Facebook Check In

Tons of features from Facebook,
Let me know what do think about these new feature’s…

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