USD $ 20.23 Trillion Amount of Money Disappeared From India Due To Corruption

Watch this video first:It gives you the glimpse of all the Scams happened in India between 1947-2010

After watching this video i really want to say thank you to Anna Hazare and Team. Hat’s Off to them.
India really needed someone who could Stand-Up and say “Enough is Enough”.

If you are not aware of what i am talking about, continue reading!
Currently Anna Hazare, a Social Activist is fighting against the Government of India.Anna Hazare
He is on fast since 9 days.(Anna Hazare was on hunger strike earlier also for four days, until the government invited him and his team to join a committee set up to draft an anti-corruption law – the Lokpal Bill)

Purpose of On-going Fast
Government has introduced their own version of the Lokpal bill by which Anna Hazare and team are not satisfied.
So, they made their own bill JanLokbal bill.But Government refused to accept the bill and passed it in the parliament.

Due to this, Anna Hazare announced that he would go on a Till Death Fast till the Government approves the JanLokpal Bill and passed it in parliament.

What Important Changes Anna Hazare wants in Lokpal Bill?

    1)To include Prime Minister under the Lokpal
    -Right to investigate Prime minster in case of any corruption charges against him.
    2)Lower bureaucracy to be investigated by Lokpal(Committee)
    -Currently Government has allowed to investigate the cases against Class-1 Government Officers only (i.e. Senior Officers). Lokpal(committee) says we should also have the right to investigate any Lower or Junior officers.
    3)To include the Judiciary
    -This will give them the right to keep an eye on the Judges of various courts.
    4)Check the Corrupt behavior of MP’s in parliament
    -Currently MP’s are exempted for any corrupt behavior in parliament.

The above mentioned laws easily targets Politicians and could held them for improper behavior.
And i think the same reason is preventing Government to accept the bill.

After 9 days of fast from Anna Hazare, news are flowing in that Government is ready to accept some changes in the bill and will put it against standing committee. Amidst, doctors have declared that the health of Anna Hazare is deteriorating day by day and needs to be hospitalized as soon as possible.

Lets Hope Everything turns out well for Anna Hazare and India.
Jai Hind!

4 thoughts on “USD $ 20.23 Trillion Amount of Money Disappeared From India Due To Corruption

  1. thsnks to anna hazareji to end hunger strike for the nation & govt.of india. for passing the bill of three demands , all of peoples of india salute tp team anna. all of us with u. for carry our campaign through nov vioilence & peace fullygathering of throughout india & aborad. thanks for issue.

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