Timely-Best Twitter App to Schedule Your Tweets

If you are some blogger-who wants to increase the visibility of his blog among followers, or a marketer-who wants more conversion from twitter or someone who wants to improve his presence on twitter – then I bet this article will definitely help you.

Let me start by asking you a question, are you using a Twitter App that Schedules your Tweets and posts it during best hours of the day?

timely.isIf not then you better get started using it.
I bring to you a new Twitter App Timely. A simple Twitter App that will schedule your tweets for maximum impact. It will post the tweets when maximum numbers of your followers are awake. It will make your each tweet count. It helps you to make followers do what you want them to do i.e. more retweets, more clicks, more mentions, more followers.

How it Works?
-Timely will analyze your last 199 Tweets and figure out the best time slots to tweet.
– Hence, next time when you submit your tweet to timely, they will post when most of your followers are active.

Let’s check out Timely:
Here’s the Snapshot of my Timely dashboard:

(As you can see one of my tweet is queued up for tomorrow at 10:38pm)

Right Side of the dashboard shows you: Total number of tweets published, Retweets you got and Reach-number of users who saw your tweets (Including the users of your follower if he retweets). These figures will help you in identifying the impact of you tweet.

Performance tab: It shows you the performance of your past tweets:

(Above is the snapshot of a specific tweet I posted in the past.)

As you can see it tells me 3 users clicked my link, it was retweeted once and total numbers of users who saw my tweet were 115.

So, overall it not only helps you post your tweets at the best time but also reports you back with your tweet impact.

One more thing, if you do not wish to change your current Twitter App then I recommend you to use a timely tool present on its website. It will suggest you the best time for you to post on twitter and added to that it will also informed you how many out of your last tweets 199 didn’t reach the full potential. It does this by analyzing your past 199 tweets. Here’s the snapshot of what I am talking about:
I may sound to you highly obsessed with this Twitter App, but seriously I find it way much better than other similar Apps like Buffer, Hoot Suite and Tweet Deck.
So what’s your opinion guys isn’t this the best scheduler app or you have a better one? Let me know what you think…

7 thoughts on “Timely-Best Twitter App to Schedule Your Tweets

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