Why Google Plus ?

Google plus
Google plus

If you are an internet addict then you might have seen how powerfully Google is promoting G+, right?

Even wondered why?
To beat Facebook—>No

The correct Answer is make to its Search Engine more better, Yep that’s the hidden truth!!! o.O


Now internet has become a social hub. Everybody is liking and sharing and recommending something on internet. Study shows that users tend to buy more of those products which are recommended by their friends…then advt.

Now guess, where all this things are happening –> on Facebook and Twitter.
Google wants this share of information to be visible on its search engine so that its users can also be benefited, but unfortunately both Facebook and Twitter aren’t looking forward to it.
Hence, Lary Page asked himself a question? So if someone wont give me i wont let that “priceless” piece of information go away.
Yeah (Lary might have thought), if i can’t get it and then lets create it!

Yup, and hence Google Plus was born.!!!!
With sole purpose of getting the social sharing information to be shown on search engine, Google launched G+.
With the integration of G+, Google will be powerful like anything!
Its example is its recent new feature of “Search, Plus Your World”.

This post might be a blow to those who thinks Google is wasting time on promoting G+, but you now why, right?

What is possible now with Google Plus?

If you are searching for Digital Camera on Google to buy- you may see your friends shared status of Google plus about the Digital camere he bought?

Obviously seeing that you would be approaching him and asking him the same. This way you search will become more real and meaningful. In all it will help you in buying best for you.

This is one of the experience Google wants to instill in search.

Exciting isn’t it?

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