India Third Largest User of Twitter!

Top 8 Nations using Twitter

Recent study from has shown that India is the third largest user of Twitter covering almost 5.6 percent of the total user share worldwide.

U.S stood first in terms of twitter usage with 24.5 percent of total user share worldwide followed by Japan with almost 7 percent share.

Here’s the list of Top 8 Nations in terms of twitter usage:-

  1. U.S. (24.5 per)
  2. Japan (6.9 per)
  3. India (5.6 per)
  4.  U.K (5.1 per)
  5. Spain (4.2 per)
  6. Mexico (4.0 per)
  7. Brazil (4.0 per)
  8. Russia (3.4 per)

Other interesting facts about Twitter:-

  • There are 580 Million registered users on twitter
  • 140 Million Active users
  • Average 340 Million tweets per day

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