Bill Gates Actually Stole the Idea From Apple (in 1980’s)

So, today for the first time i watched this movie “the pirates of silicon valley” and i am shocked as to how bill gates stole the idea of GUI and Other features from Apple. While writing this i am not doing a background check on the movie but  am assuming that all that shown is true.

This is simply unacceptable, i mean how bill gates, stoles the whole idea and now he is the world richest man in the world. Wholly crap, although many may argue that steve stole the original idea from xerox but they did that officially and everybody at the xerox knew what they were upto. But dear in this case only bill and his colleagues knew what they were upto.

Watching the movie i just come to know that how un canny and intelligent bill gates was and not only was he techie but also a cruel businessmen.

Can somebody please make a movie on the founders of Google, i am sure they too did the duping otherwise why would steve be mad at them and would want to go on a nuclear war with Google ?

26 thoughts on “Bill Gates Actually Stole the Idea From Apple (in 1980’s)

    1. Well, as i said, everyone at the xerox knew that he was going to steal the idea, it all happened due to lack of concerns from the xerox authorities. My point here is that while Steve did what he did when everyone knew what he was doing, but what gates did was indeed betrayal!

      1. But you don’t know one thing. Bill Gates didn’t steal it from Steve Jobs. Jobs agreed to give those ideas to Gates. But when he saw that Gates was able to develop his ideas and create a more better and innovative OS he couldn’t bear it. So he tried to sue him and get the credit for himself. But in the end Microsoft one the case.

  1. really? everyone “stole” an idea from someone else. Our world is built on collaboration on others ideas. That is progress

    1. Off-course there are few people in this world who do some original gig while the rest of the world copy the same and create in mass. Here also steve jobs had the original idea but gates stole the idea of GUI and other graphic related features as well as the mouse idea from him and implemented in his new operating system windows.

      This post is to spread awareness about the original creator of the idea.

      1. Original idea? My understanding is that Jobs got the GUI and mouse idea for Xerox. Jobs was never an originator, he just knew how to exploit, market, and sometimes improve other peoples’ ideas.

    1. It’s not about what would have happened if he didn’t, but its about stealing someone’s intellectual property and selling against him only. Now that’s a big deal and it hurts badly. Where’s the respect gone in this whole ACT?

    2. we might have had iphone and ipad a few years faster…coz Steve would have never left Apple and now we probably can use iphone 10…

      1. Steve jobs had never tecnically left his job. It was decided by the CEO John Sculley and the Macintosh division to demote Jobs from his position. I believe he made a bad decision in trusting Bill Gates because his ideas were taken and only slightly changed and Microsoft introduced Windows. The inability to get the Macintosh out in a timely manner and it’s high costs lowered their profits. However it wasn’t until 1997 that Steve had returned to apple and became their CEO to finally lead them to success.

    3. oh and who knows..Steve might never had cancer..coz of less stress..and he might have made even more innovative products for us…..

  2. I do believe that what Bill Gates did was wrong.Steve Jobs had to face many hardships and challenges in life.You could check his(Jobs) biography and you would understand that he had much more passion towards computers.Therefore he would have had a ton of experience plus ideas. So stealing someones hard earned knowledge,ideas,passion and most importantly dream is wrong.

  3. Listen you all, the truth is steve stole is from xerox and bill planned to steal it but steve got it first…steve gave it to bill gates to make together a better product where bill decided to make his own product as well…this is not stealing nor did steve geniusly produce it…steve just got jealous because gates made a better product and gained market.

  4. Okay so what you are saying is that stealing when people know you are doing it isn’t wrong but when people don’t know it it’s wrong ? Okay how many things do you think apple has riped off ?
    Apple Appstore 2008 = ubuntu appstore 2006 all icons used in the apple appstore a stollen from ubuntu, mac osx based on the unix/linux kernel but osx isn’t free and uses stollen icons from ubuntu, all processors in iphones and ipads based on intel atom, magnetic charging port on macbooks stollen from asian electronics, ipad stollen ideas from as long back in time as 1945 and star trek and windows xp tablets from 2002, iphone in 1990 an normal phone called iphone could be bought, wireless charging Nicola Tesla in the 1800. This is just a short list of ripoffs made by apple.

    1. the real person bill gates got his idea from is a man in Georgia who lived in Glenwood Georgia who bill gates can and visited at the hospital in Macon Georgia before the man died

  5. Gates didn’t “steal” anything, when Jobs’s position at Apple was in jeopardy under the close eye of CEO John Sculley it was Jobs who voluntarily joined the team working on Macintosh of which Bill Gates was already hard at work on the project. While Jobs was (rightfully so) wasting time perfecting the appliance Gates put the original product out on the market knowing it was time to share to the world. In the end, although now deceased, Steve Jobs and his $20 billion hardly got the short end of the stick.

  6. My dad was apart of the deciding apple party for 20 years. I am no more going to confirm or deny what has happened in reality…more than among friends for two reasons. 1….they can’t play anyway and should not be included in normal convo…(if you appreciate golf you understand the club)

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