A Quick Look at Online Advertising in India

Update: This post was inspired from an article that was published 5 years ago, claims in the following post may be un relevant now šŸ˜¦


While reading an article on next big what, i stumble upon this facts which were indeed an eye opener for me

I mean, i didn’t believed that this was the real situation/facia of online advertising in India.

One of the fact mention was Ā “Indians don’t give a damn about search engine advertisements” and i was like šŸ˜®

The other fact – which i also agree was that “we delete the SMS based text ads without seeing them”

Other Facts includes – For every hundred rupees spent by advertisers, Rs 91 is spent on television and the print media while the outdoor media accounts for Rs 5. The rest 4 Rupees is divided between cinema, radio and the Internet and word of Mouth (WoM) is still the most trusted factor while making a purchase. (which we all know)

Out of these four, the fact that IndiansĀ don’tĀ give a damn about search engine advertisement was heartbreaking as being an online marketer it is the last thing i want to hear šŸ˜¦

Another great articleĀ summarizingĀ the trusted factors –Ā http://www.nextbigwhat.com/india-business-online-advertising-india-word-of-mouth-works-better-than-search-engine-advertising-297/

What do you think about the same? Do you also don’t give damn about search engine advertising?

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