What do you know about internet?

Why was internet Made? (Off course, Internet was basically made to communicate things. (In technical terms it was made to send bytes of data from one pc to another)

But, how do we use the internet? And Where are we spending our time over internet? and how much time?

Are we doing things on internet that we were meant for or are we spending time on useless things?

What is the true potential of internet?

How can we increase our productivity using internet? and indeed live an awesome life?

I am stuck with all these questions and as i began my quest on internet, I will update you with answers to each and every question. I want to know if people are spending their time on internet wisely and are they using it to increase their efficiency or not? (Because that’s the ultimate goal)

If you can answer any of these question, i would be more then happy to have it. 

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