Jeff Bezos started Amazon on a different note (Difference in Philosophy)


Last week i read a  book on Jeff Bezos  –One Click by Richard Brandt and got the opportunity to get into the mindset of Jeff when he started “”

What was so interesting and striking about Jeff Bezos i discovered after reading this book was the difference in philosophy Jezz Bezos had when he started Amazon.

It was quite different from Inspiring Story of Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates’ Microsoft or Google. Understanding why he entered into Amazon was an eye-opener for me as i didn’t believe that someone can be so much successful by just following this philosophy.

As we all know that Google was started by Sergery and Larry to solve a problem – to make all the world’s information easily accessible

And they did it by launching their website – and went on expanding their website for four continuous years with no business model.

That clearly depicts that they were not into earning money – they just wanted to make sure that there is a website out there online that is making people’s life easier by offering them easy access to information. Earnings was always their secondary goal.

Same case with Facebook-

Facebook was launched in 2006 and went straight till 3 years without earning any money – again here the founder Marck Zuckerberg hadn’t had the slightest idea of how he was going to earn the money ( I mean to say he was least focus on earning money).

In case of Apple –

Steve Jobs always said- do things that you are passionate off and things that inspires you. And as we all know computers were his first love and we all know how he changed the world through his remarkable vision, giving the world the first iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad.

And so was bill gates – He was hardcore programmers and he went on to built world largest software company in world.

In all of these entrepreneurs and Startups few things were common:-

  1. Passion
  2. The idea to change the world
  3. And offcourse Money ( but this was more of an secondary)

Now what was so strikingly different in the philosophy of Jeff Bezos?

Jeffbezos as many of you might know was a hardcore programmer and a brilliant student

Before he started Amazon he was working with a company where he got promoted to a president level in just few months – While working in that company he came to know about internet and how it was growing rapidly

Jeff bezos thought – Hey man, look internet is growing at such a fast pace that anyone can earn money if they choose the right field.

After understanding the true potential of Internet, he started looking for ideas through which he can be the next millionaire

And that’s how Amazon came into existence.

He thought Selling books online was a fantastic idea – people are always going to come and buy online and in turn  he saw a huge opportunity to earn money,

My whole argument here is-

“Jeff Bezos started Amazon to earn money, to become a millionaire or a billionaire. Changing people’s lives through his product or service was his secondary moto or an outcome that he focused to keep his venture going.”

Now this is something we don’t see in most successful entrepreneurs, most entrepreneurs started their ventures with an idea or vision to make a difference or to solve a problem, earning money was always their by-product or something which was not a primary goal.

But here was a man that started a venture to be a billionaire, and guess what he succeeded.

Amazon is now worlds largest online mall- offering you everything and anything you may need

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