It’s a Friendship Day

Today is the first Sunday of the August month and as per that its a Friendship Day!

My best and lovely wishes to all my friends out there, Although we may not be “Friends in Real” but “Friends only Online” I take this opportunity to wish all you Happy Friendship Day!  Tweet me over twitter @bonirulzz or drop me a mail at bonirulzz at gmail dot com, so that we can more social and be more “Friends in Real”.

On a Personal Note:

I actually see friendship day as an opportunity to improve ma friendships with whom i haven’t yet kept well or as an opportunity to begin new  friendship with someone. It’s perfect opportunity because no one is going to say no to your any request today!

Today, i took this opportunity on Twitter and tried to have some personal conversation with my followers, it was great, strangers were replying. I am getting response from unknown followers and its was a perfect opportunity for me to know more about them I am damn sure that i am gonna make few real friends out of these conversation.

I Hope i will get some traction from this post and will make some new friends out of it



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