Quick Test to Know Yourself , Are you a right Brainer or a Left Brainer?

I had this post in ma mind since long, but owing to ma hectic work schedule i was unable to write.

Why this post?

Well, i would love to share what i have learned with you people (my lovely community) and also help you wherever i can. So this post is again an effort to help you understand yourself better. This post will give you a better insight into your strengths

What is left brain and right brain?

Technical there is nothing like that (and that’s what my manager also said when i told him about this #lol) , there is only one single brain (yeah one single brain) but scientist divided our brains into two parts to make their stupid studies simple (which they always do 😦 ), so they called the left part of our brain as left hemisphere (which we will call it as left brain) and right part our brain as right hemisphere (which we will call it as right brain)

#Fact – Both the part of our brain works together, but there is always one side of our brain dominating over another which defines our characterisitic and how we live in our day to day life

Through the test mentioned below i will tell your strengths-

SEE the picture below and observe if you find it rotating Clockwise or Anti Clockwise?

Right Brain Left Brain Test

If you saw the image rotating Clock Wise – then you are a right brainer and if you saw the image rotating Anti Clock wise you are a left brainer

Characteristic of Right Brainer:-

  • Imaginative
  • Fantasy Oriented
  • Having deep interest in Arts
  • Great Story Teller
  • Writer, Poet, Designer, Artist
  • Innovative

Characteristic of Left Brainer

  • Strong in Logic’s
  • Analytic
  • Good Command over languages
  • Organized
  • Generally Engineer, Lawyer

Right brainers are the ones who are innovative with out of the box thinking.  They posses this innate ability of taking risk and are often known for breaking rules or going against the rules, they hate facts and loves to remain in their imaginative world.  They are big picture oriented and uses feelings to express themselves

Left brainers are the ones are good at maths and logic, they get easily engrossed in analysis and statistics (they love numbers). They are organized and follows rules strictly. Loves detail oriented work, practical in nature and tends to play safe

So, Are you a Right Brainer or Left Brainer? Comment below to start the discussion

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