And when you lose your stuff

This morning i went to care service centre (place from where i bought my dell laptop). My laptop’s tab key was not functioning correctly, getting triggred automatically and annoying me in ma work. My laptop also used to go sleep and never wake up. So i decided to visit the service centre. I showed ma issue to the representative and he informed me that they can only solve my software issue and not the hardware issue. One issue being an hardware problem they asked me to visit the dell service centre and solved ma other software issue by doing some changes in the control panel settings.

Now, i was visiting the service centre in ma office hours and hence like everyone i was worried about reaching late to the office. So as soon as he solved ma software issue i rushed to ma office and decided to visit the dell service centre the other day.

As usual after reaching office i started doing ma pending work and then worked non stop for three hours

Later i took the break from ma work and visited my colleagues who were seated on the other side of the office.

After light talk with ma colleagues i stood up from the chair i was seated and saw USB of ma wireless mouse on the ground. And i was like shit, how can i be so careless that i almost forgot i had left USB of wireless keyboard and mouse in ma left pocket.

About USB devices (ma personal tribute) – They are fucking so small that it is impossible to keep track of them (Hell to these tiny electronic devices).

So the thing is i found one USB device on the ground but the other USB was missing. Yup, i have two USB device one for keyboard and one for mouse. I later checked the whole floor but wasn’t lucky to find it there.

Later being desperate i went down to ma car and searched it in ma laptop bag but couldn’t find their either.

Next day i went to the service centre to inquire about ma wireless keyboard USB but hard luck 😦

Now i had only one option to buy new wireless keyboard and that means i will have to shell out few bucks on something that at first place was not required.

I am feeling pretty bad because the tab key issue was still pending and i added one more issue.

I went there to solve my one problem but ended up having more. 😦

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