Challenges do make us more efficient

People always say it but never had a chance to experienced it. But than few days back i did.

Here’s the short story of how i realized it-

I experienced this hard coated fact when i was doing my regular workout, after it was completed I was checking on internet different exercises and then I land up to a page which said “30 day Fitness challenge“. I saw the challenge and immediately said to myself  i am gonna do that.

No inspiration nothing required, just the whole idea that its a challenge and i can prove ma self, made ma daily workout more awesome.

Just in case if you were interested in knowing what that challenge was, here’s the link – (check out the 30 day chart, I’m on ma 15th day 😛 )

On a personal note:- Something i have observed is that when i am told “this is a challenge for you and can you do it?” I suddenly get excited and see it as an opportunity to prove myself

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