State of your mind before you sleep does affects your dream

Well yeah, first a disclaimer i am not a social scientist nor a psychologists I am just sharing what i experienced last night.

So what happened last night?
I was reading this book Blink by malcolm gladwell, its a book more or less related to how we take snap judgments without much prior knowledge of the subject.

So yesterday night, i was reading this book, fully engrossed in their experiments, trying to understand how we take snap judgments. I read their 5-6 research/ experiments which were in a way darn enough to make me suffer. The whole night while i was sleeping ma subconscious mind was constantly trap into that research thing. Whatever I dreamt of, the whole research thing came back to me, as if i was one of those participants and someone was examining ma behavior. 😛

Kind of disturbing though as you don’t want some thing like that happening in your dream. And not to forget, that i woke up twice from my dream 😦

So yeah, state of your mind before you go to bed does affect your sleep

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