The changing face of Yahoo! And why I’m Loving it


Something i really like about Marissa Mayer is her boldness and her ability to shut down the loss making products/ services of Yahoo!. Since she became the CEO of Yahoo! I feel that somehow Yahoo! is now in safe hands and there is a chance for Yahoo! to make a come back in this highly competitive tech space.

A skill said to be earned from Google, Marissa has been closing down non-performing services of Y!. According to an article, Y! has shutdown 12 of their products and services since she became the CEO. In an recent update, Yahoo even closed down its Y! Mail service in China which was in partnership with Tancent Group(

Shutting down non-performing division is clearly one thing that will help Yahoo! focus on its core services. (something that steve jobs did long before when he made a comeback at Apple)

What’s Yahoo’s Focus Area Now?

Recent buyouts in the mobile space clearly indicates that they are gearing up high on Mobile . As the number of users accessing internet via mobile has increased, it has somehow became the hottest property for tech companies. Their recent buyouts in mobile space also includes iPhone App Summly (content curating app) and Rockmelt (an app development company) including 19 other buy outs.

Yahoo has buy out 21 start ups in the last year

So clearly one thing is Mobile Space

And second thing is Content

In the last 5 years or so Yahoo has become one of the hottest content producers online. And to the awesomest fact users just love it. Yahoo’s definition has changed from a website that offers an awesome mail service(once) to a well know content producing website. (Atleast for Gen Y)

Updated on 4/11
Inspired to update this post as I  wanted to let you know how cool the new design of Yahoo Mail is. Today Morning i logged into my secondary mail account (primary being in gmail) and was just amazed at its new cleaner and crispy design.

I suddenly liked reading my mails, something I was literally avoiding earlier. Also, there were literally no spam emails in my inbox. Thanks to Marissa Mayer and its Team for the improvement

Just in case you want to read the official announcement of new yahoo mail update –

This is how it looks like –


P.S. – I’m big Fan of Y! and love their products, although they are suffering right now, I am darn sure they would come back and again rule the market.

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