5 weirdest places where I get extremely creative

Before you read this post i want you to ask yourself the same question, where do you get more creative and make a list for yourself

Here are my top 5:-

1) The Bathroom

Man sitting on toilet bowl

I mean, who doesn’t get creative here? It’s a fact that you just hit your top notch corner of your creative brain in the bathroom. As soon your journey starts in the bathroom, you get into an imaginary world where you suddenly become powerful and every piece of shit falls into place 😛

2) On the way to the office (Or should i say while in transit in General)


This is my second most creative place. Again, as soon as my journey starts, I get into this so called psycho mode where I suddenly remember my pending work, things I should focus on and all sorts of shitty things, like “how can I make my day more awesome” and yeah importantly I always debate myself why the hell am i doing this fucking job? I hope this is the same for all of you, in some way or another: P

3) Waiting in the line


Yup, that comes at number 3. I just hate to stand in the queue. I think it is one of the worst feelings ever, but when I do, I get into psycho mode and start introspecting. I get into a stealth mode getting reminded of my goals again and how can I move further in my life 😛

4) Meditation


(Of course I don’t look like him when I’m meditating: P)

Okay, I got you, you must be telling me that this is not really a weird place, but let me tell you one thing, there are folks out there for whom meditation is a pain the in the ass and its darn weird for them. 😛

For me this place has been consistently creative, I derive great value from meditation and would like to recommend meditation to all of you.

5) When I am Alone


Again, I get damn creative when you leave me alone

With no one around me, I get into this virtual world, where everything and everyone is governed by me and I am the Boss. I rule the situation. 😛

So those are my Weird Creative Places, what are yours?

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