Understanding Introverts [Your Quick one Page Guide]


(Following post is absolutely inspired by the book – Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking)

Introverts (or those of us with introverted tendencies) tend to recharge by spending time alone. They lose energy from being around people for long periods of time, particularly large crowds. And hence generally does not prefer a place where there will be a large crowd.

Additionally, they are drawn to the inner world of thought and feeling. They spent good amount of their time in their homes, libraries, quiet parks or other secluded places reading books or watching series, etc.

Note: There’s is nothing like an absolute Introvert.  Everyone is a mix of introvert and extrovert characteristic. It is just that, introvertedness is more dominant in us.

Types of Introverts:

  • Social
  • Thinking
  • Anxious
  • Restrained

Read more about them here.

3 Things Introverts are generally good at:

Focus: Introverts like to focus on one task at a time and can have mighty powers of concentration. They’re relatively immune to the lures of wealth and fame.

Deliberative: Introverts often work more slowly and deliberately. Introverts seem to be specifically wired or trained so when they catch themselves getting excited and focused on a goal, their vigilance increases.” [i.e. we are super deliberative in nature]

Generosity: Introverts will allow their fellow colleagues or say extrovert partners to take the center stage and do not crave for spotlight. In all, they would be happy to give up their happiness for others!

About Work & Workplace:

  • For introverts – Working alone is the best thing
  • A freedom of when you come and go – basically an unforced workplace gets the work done for the introverts!
  • Since we speak less, managers can give introverts a lot of work without showing/ giving much attention to us.

What drives an Introvert?

An Introvert person could work around the clock for days on end, for no better reason than to keep on working. [Explains why we do what we do]

How Introverts can succeed at work?

Introverts have the ability to listen, to be organized and have laser sharped focus. Additionally, they are creative & deliberative in nature. Introverts can use these traits to deliver the work like no one!

Fantastic Work Advice from Steve Wozniak:

Work alone. You’re going to be best able to design revolutionary products and features if you’re working on your own.

Not on a committee. Not on a team.

How Introverts can balance their energy?

Introverts need to have restorative niches where they can get back to their full introvert mode.

[An introvert goes to a restorative niche so that he can recharge again. It is considered that when an introvert is at work or outside, he acts as an extrovert to some extend – acting so, they feel exhausted and hence need a place to go and recharge]

7 thoughts on “Understanding Introverts [Your Quick one Page Guide]

    1. Restorative niches refers to places, introverts can go & get full privacy. Generally an empty room or some place silent. [Where they absolutely can just sit & do whatever they want do]

      In an extroverted world where an introvert keeps hustling all day, he find such places to prevent the burnout.

      I am not sure if I answered you satisfactorily, hence let me know if you need more information.

      Cheers! 🙂

      1. Hey,,dat was typo,,, all i am saying is.. that,, the restorative thing was a different angle to think ,,for me,,,
        U expkained it too well Boni Satani 🙂 🙂

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