5 Ways to Stay Super Productive! [5X More Time Guaranteed] – Part 2

I’ve read good amount of books/ blogs/ reddit threads on productivity.

Mainly, I was inspired to work on improving my productivity after reading the book – 4 Hour Work Week.

It has been almost a year now practicing & improving my Productivity and today, I want to share with you some of the best ways (or say my experiments) that can dramatically improve your productivity!

Note: I’ll be sharing the tips in parts (i.e. one tip every week).
Reason: So that you can consume all the tips well! These are ACT Exercises and hence won’t be good if I share all at once!

I’ve already shared my first Strategy! If you haven’t read it – Go through it once! [Click Here to Learn – Strategy one]

Time for the Second Strategy/ Way to Remain Super Productive!

2) Laterbox.co

[1 – 3 – 5 Strategic Structure]
I am using Laterbox for 2 months now and am I just impressed? [Nope, Super Impressed]

It is just what I wanted as a replacement to a regular TO DO List.

Laterbox works on the Idea of 1-3-5

i.e. Every Day, You will have

  • 1 Important task to Complete
  • 3 Medium Priority Task
  • 5 or more Low Priority Task

Writing down your task in laterbox, gives you super clarity as to what work you should do first.

Mostly, we tend to start our work with easy and low important task (Which is fine)

But then as the day progress we should shift our focus to the Key Task – #1 Highly Important task.

Laterbox reminds me that and helps me complete the most important task!

UI to help you write down task you wish to do some time later

Additionally, it also allows you to add any task you wish to complete later.

This helps you not to forget a task which is not important right now but may be in the future.

It’s a super awesome feature.

Every week, when I am making my report, I open up later box and see the activities I wanted to do. And then add them in the current weeks plan!

Highly recommend the tool –> For super awesome clarity of work on day to day basis.

Start Using it today

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