About SEO & 301 Redirect

I am considering to improvise the URLs of my website — Flickstime.com

Already we are ranking well for many search terms, I wondered what impact will it have on the existing organic traffic if I changed the URL.

I read two fantastic articles and I got a good understanding of the impact, here’s a quick summary:

  • 85 percent of the link juice will be passed to the new URL when you do 301 Redirect
  • Expect a 25 percent drop in traffic initially  and if the URLs are well optimized, you can later see an fantastic improvement in the organic traffic
  • It would take around 6 Weeks (1.5 to 2 months) to recovery from the lost organic traffic


  • Monitor your webmaster data weekly if possible for your targeted keyword
  • After 1.5 Months if the orginal keywords do not recover in ranking, you might want to take some immediate steps to fix it.

Articles I read:

Friend I reached out:

I had also reach out to Krinal Mehta (Fantastic SEO Guy) and shared my concern of downsides of changing the URL.

He responded well, decided to add his exact reply below:

Look at the bigger picture.

  • More optimized URL = better rankings
  • You might be ranking well for a few terms, but if you optimize URL’s you can rank well on ALL terms.
  • 301 redirect will ensure that your current rankings are not lost. All rankings should be restored in a few weeks, if at all.

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