5 Ways to Stay Super Productive! [5X More Time Guaranteed] – Part 5

I’ve read good amount of books/ blogs/ reddit threads on productivity.

Mainly, I was inspired to work on improving my productivity after reading the book – 4 Hour Work Week.

It has been almost a year now practicing & improving my Productivity and today, I want to share with you some of the best ways (or say my experiments) that can dramatically improve your productivity!

Note: I’ll be sharing the tips in parts (i.e. one tip every week).
Reason: So that you can consume all the tips well! These are ACT Exercises and hence won’t be good if I share all at once!

I’ve already shared four strategies! If you haven’t read it – Go through it once! [Strategy Uninstalling Couple of AppsLaterbox, Eggtimer & 80/20]

Time for the Fifth Strategy/ Way to Remain Super Productive!

5) Pomodoro Technique!

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method.

The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. These intervals are known as “pomodori”

One should target around 10 pomodori in a day and anything more than 10+ is fantastic.

How I use it?

Before I begin my work, I set the eggtimer to 25 minutes. After the 25 minutes are over, I take a short break of 5 mins and reset the timer again to 25 mins.

After 3 – 4 pomodori, I take a big break of around 20 – 30 minutes.

Doing so keeps me super focused & fresh!

Why use it?

Because that’s how you will maintain the energy level!

If you keep on working for 2 hours stretch you are bound to have super low energy levels as the day progresses.

Note: Pomodoro does says that divide your task at 25 minutes, I however set my first couple of hours at 50 mins, since I know I am super active/ productive in the morning and hence do not mind keeping a longer duration before I take a break. After lunch when my energy level are down, I start using the 25 mins duration.

Hope the above 5 tools/ ways helps you in increasing your productivity. If you are looking for more productivity tips, just hop on to reddit.com/r/productivity!


2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stay Super Productive! [5X More Time Guaranteed] – Part 5

  1. This is super cool. I will practically implement this. I have tried your first tool uninstalling the application that worked like a wonder. I got almost 2 hours of free time. And was more relaxed.

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