Why You Should Try News Fasting [Productivity Tip]

We are living in an Information Overload Time.

With Internet & mobile (+Google, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Newsletter) we have HUGE amount of data at our finger tips.

Let’s consider:

It takes you two minutes to read one article & you read 50 articles per week:

50*2= 100 Minutes every week

100*5= 500 Minutes every month

= Eight Hours per month

I decided to quite this reading thing and go on an Information fast because:

I am a productivity freak & I love to explore how I can save my time & do something more meaningful.

Here’s what I did to stick on my PLAN:

  1. Uninstalled the Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter App
  2. Created a Label in GMAIL & Added Filter to Incoming Emails  which I Didn’t wanted in my INBOX. With the use of Filters, all the newsletters emails go under one Label (in case I I want to read them in future) – WATCH VIDEO for this STEP
  3. Replaced that time with Reading Books or Working on my project


What Happened After 20 Days:

  1. I realized 99% of the information which I received was something, I MAY NOT use TODAY or in FUTURE

20 Days is still a sort time & I will continue this news fast for the next few months.

Let’s see how this goes.


What I want to communicate is…

People (including me) spend good amount of their time reading articles which they are not going to use today or not even in the future.

And that is something you should worry about.

Hope this helps.






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