Discovering the Time Spent by a Bounced User

This post is only for SEO & Online Marketing Readers

The script mentioned here will help you measure the time spent by a user on a landing page.

If you have a website that has 90% or more bounce rate & you don’t have an idea if people are engaging with your content – you should implement this script.

The script will help you learn, if the the bounced users spent 10, 30, 60, 180 or more seconds on your landing page.

Additionally, apart from this script – you can implement plugin and enable content tracking to learn how much % of the content user scrolled through.

If you implement both these solutions, for a given landing page, you will know

  1. Time spent by a user on the page
  2. Avg % of content user scrolled through

Both these metrics will help you take data-driven decision regarding revamping the content.

Hope this helps



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