Hi Everybody,
This is my first post on wordpress. I will dedicate this first post by giving you some formal introduction of mine.

My name is Boni Satani.I have completed my B.tech programme, specialized in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from Nirma University.

Blogging is something i started some 2 years back. I owe 5-6 blogs on my name and the famous one was this:Rul D World.It was purely an hacker’s lounge. Blog had all the hacks of free SMS/GPRS for different mobile operators. In the past i had access to such information and hence was updating the blog.But after one year such information stopped coming by my side and unfortunately had to stop updating my blog.
I loved that blog like anything. I was so passionate that i manage to get my blog on Google’s first page.( If you are a technical geek, then u know how difficult it is, to be on first page!Best part: Till today it shows on First/Second of Google!).

Now again i am back in this blogging world after 1 year with same passion and energy.

To tell you about this blog. Here, I would be writing post based on three topics:
Inspirational, Social Media and Eye-Opener’s.
Why these topics:-
I require Inspiration even to get up from my bed.
Facebook (and other Social Hangouts)are my life!
I love to discover information which can pop-up my eyes!

So you know these subjects are the one’s of my interest and hence i will be writing some great post related to it.

Well, i don’t want to run this blog alone, so its my humble request to all my dear readers to comment on my blog.Even if you want to criticize me i am open for it.

In any sense i would love to hear from you people.

That’s it.

Take care and N’joy!
Happy Sharing!

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