Why You Should Try News Fasting [Productivity Tip]

We are living in an Information Overload Time.

With Internet & mobile (+Google, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Newsletter) we have HUGE amount of data at our finger tips.

Let’s consider:

It takes you two minutes to read one article & you read 50 articles per week:

50*2= 100 Minutes every week

100*5= 500 Minutes every month

= Eight Hours per month

I decided to quite this reading thing and go on an Information fast because:

I am a productivity freak & I love to explore how I can save my time & do something more meaningful.

Here’s what I did to stick on my PLAN:

  1. Uninstalled the Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter App
  2. Created a Label in GMAIL & Added Filter to Incoming Emails  which I Didn’t wanted in my INBOX. With the use of Filters, all the newsletters emails go under one Label (in case I I want to read them in future) – WATCH VIDEO for this STEP
  3. Replaced that time with Reading Books or Working on my project


What Happened After 20 Days:

  1. I realized 99% of the information which I received was something, I MAY NOT use TODAY or in FUTURE

20 Days is still a sort time & I will continue this news fast for the next few months.

Let’s see how this goes.


What I want to communicate is…

People (including me) spend good amount of their time reading articles which they are not going to use today or not even in the future.

And that is something you should worry about.

Hope this helps.







5 Career Advice from the Experts

The advice that I will share today is from the book “30 Lessons for Living“. The book is written by Karl Pillemer

What’s the book about:

Author has reached out to hundreds of elder Americans – who have lived their life and are at the last stage of their life.

Author Refers to them as “Experts” since these are people who have lived their life and have faced all sort of Good & Bad Experience.

Based on the inputs from these Experts and their life, following are the Five Career Advice, the Oldest Americans have shared to have a better – fulfilling career.

1) Choose a Career for the intrinsic rewards, not the financial ones

The biggest career mistake people make is selecting a profession based only on potential earnings. A sense of purpose and passion for one’s work beats a bigger paycheck any day

2) Don’t give up on looking for a job that makes you happy

According to experts, persistence is the key to finding a job you live. Don’t give up early.

3) Make the most of a bad job

If you find yourself in a less-than-ideal work situation, don’t waste the experience; many experts learned invaluable lessons from bad jobs

4) Emotional Intelligence trumps every other kind

Develop your interpersonal skills if you want to succeed in workplace. Even people in the most technical professions have their careers torpedoed if they lack emotional intelligence

5) Everyone Needs Autonomy

Career satisfaction is often dependent on how much autonomy you have on the job. Look for the freedom to make decisions and move in a direction that interest you, without too much control from the top.


When you wake up in the morning, you should be looking forward to your Job (not exactly every day 🙂 but in general)

If not, you might want to check if you are following the above 5 advice and take actions.

10 Awesome Book I’ve Read in the last 12 Months

I am a bookworm and at anytime, I’ll have 1-2 books in my library to be read! Here are 10 Great books I read in the past 12 months

1) 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

2) 80/20 Sales Marketing by Richard Koch

3) Choose Yourself by James Altucher

4) Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

5) Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

6) 80/20 Sales & Marketing by Perry Marshall

7) So Good That They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport

8) Start with Why by Simon Sinek

9) Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

10) The $100 Startup

Which Awesome Books Have You read in the last 12 months?


Elon Musk: How I Became The Real ‘Iron Man’

I am literally out of words! This man is changing the course of our history!

He is actually bringing the Green Revolution! Two of his companies – Tesla (Automobile) & Solarcity (Electricity) are changing the course of the world!

While Spacex – his third company – is his ultimate adventure. He wants to create a vehicle by which any human can go to Mars for a trip! It is currently the only Successful Privately independent company in the space industry!

#fucking hats off to this man!

P.S. He was the founder of Paypal!

3 Hacks By Nevine that will Improve Your Next Sales Email/ Pitch

So over the course of learning new things, I read a book by Neville Medhora and he shared few hacks that I think will definitely improve my writing by at least 1 per.

So what were the hacks he shared?

First Hack
He said, No body is interested in listening about you, they are interested in listening about themselves.

So, Whenever you write keep this in mind!

Nobody Cares about You! They Only Care about Themselves!

Next time, you draft an email, write about them and not you.

Second Hack, he shared was to use a framework while writing an email/ sales pitch. Now this is powerful but only if it gets implemented right.

The framework is,


A- Grab the attention
I – Create an interest
D- Create a Desire
A – Ask him to take action

and Boom!!!

So, he insists on using this framework to create a compelling sales email/copy.

And the third Hack!

Actually I was looking for this tip, its about writing a great subject line!
So, here’s the framework –
[end result customer wants] + [specific time period] + [address the objection]

Think about your next email and create a subject line using this framework! And I am Darn Sure that you will come up with something interesting!

So, that’s the end!
I hope it helped!

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