Elon Musk: How I Became The Real ‘Iron Man’

I am literally out of words! This man is changing the course of our history!

He is actually bringing the Green Revolution! Two of his companies – Tesla (Automobile) & Solarcity (Electricity) are changing the course of the world!

While Spacex – his third company – is his ultimate adventure. He wants to create a vehicle by which any human can go to Mars for a trip! It is currently the only Successful Privately independent company in the space industry!

#fucking hats off to this man!

P.S. He was the founder of Paypal!

Highly Inspiring Quotes From Darren Rowse – Founder of Problogger and Digital Photography School

I was reading a post on 52 Unconventional Ideas & Stories for Moving from Idea to Impact by Scott Dinsmore and re-discovered the wisdom i had lost in between my Job and busy life

A big thank you to Scott for sharing this wonderful article – i guess your visit to WDS really paid off Now!

Highly Inspiring:-

  • Condition the habit of dreaming. That’s where creation begins.
  • A path is not to be found, it’s to be made.
  • The future isn’t a place we’re going, it’s a place we’re creating.
  • Notice the sparks. Follow them. The next big thing may be the small thing right in front of you.
  • At the end of each day ask yourself what gave you the most energy. Those are the sparks worth pursuing.
  • It won’t be perfect. Put it out there anyway.
  • Consistently investigate what gives other people energy. Be the fan that fuels it.
  • Become hyper aware of people’s problems. Become obsessed with providing value. Through blog posts, emails, lunches – every interaction is a chance to helps someone solve a problem.
  • At the end of the journey it’s not about saying I had big dreams – it’s about saying I had great outcomes and results for the people around me.
  • Big dreams are meant to inspire, not intimidate. Do one small thing each day to the best of your ability to get you a tad closer. Set aside time to create & complete. Even 15 minutes a day can get your closer than you’d think.
  • You don’t have to be just one thing, but you do have to start with being something.

The #Best One-

  • Infect others with your dreams. Sharing a vision builds a tiny army of people around you who will help it come true.

Inspiration from the Founder of Alibaba Jack Ma

What a video!!! Simply Awesome

This man took 7 years to pass the elementary school
1) Started Alibaba with little to no Money
2) Had no understanding of Technology (Till today he doesn’t know how internet runs and all about coding)
3) Had no Plans

Still, today he runs worlds most successful and biggest B2B platform – Alibaba

But what he had was a vision. A vision to help small businesses become profitable and a vision to empower small businesses to compete against Big Businesses.

Truly Inspiring for wannabe Entrepreneurs!

Many thanks to Stanford Business for promoting this video

Cheers 🙂

Be a Leader

The awesome thing about Leading is :- Once You Decide that You want to Lead

You will Certainly find people following you.

This world i have realized is always in look for people who can lead them (Really, its true, just take your example :P)

People are ready to follow someone (and that’s what are teach to do right from the childhood)

If you think you would be alone, then remove that thought from your mind.

Because that wont be the case…

Leaders are Born is a MYTH

Anybody can lead and the only thing one has to overcome is his fear, conquer the fear and you shall thy be the leader.

It is foolish to not to lead and sit quiet to see as your world unfold.

Write Daily

The only way to improve your writing is by writing daily.

Everyday no matter what, you write.

Don’t think of grammatical mistakes or about the tense of your sentences simply write

A day will come when you will master the same and cherish your writing

Write something that will help people, write something that you learned, write something to share your experiences, write something to share your worry and to share your happiness.

No matter what simply write something.

And a day will come when you will cherish your writing

Critics will always be there, enemies will always be there but don’t worry as you know that a day will come when you will cherish your writing