Weekend Read

Find below the list of curated articles — the one’s I have enjoyed and platforms I generally trust:

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Weekend Read

Find below the list of curated articles – the one’s I have enjoyed and platforms I generally trust:

The Books Every New Graduate Should Read, According to a Dozen Business Leaders (Quartz)

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Let me know your thoughts on the above curated links. Additionally, if you any suggestions/ recommendation – feel free to get in touch .



5 Ways to Stay Super Productive at Work! [5X More Time Guaranteed]

I’ve reading tons of books on productivity. Mainly, I was inspired to work on improving my productivity after I read the book 4 Hour Work Week.

It has been almost a year now practicing on Improving the Productivity and Today I want to share with you some of the best tools/ ways I’ve used that has drastically improved my productivity!

1) Uninstalling the Facebook App and Turning the Whats app Notification Completely Off

Notifications are Killing Your Time!
Notifications are Killing Your Time!

This may sound like nuts, but believe me! I’ve created good amount of my time through this!

I am not asking you to not to use Facebook or Whatsapp. I am asking you to take control of it rather it controlling you.

When You Do not have any notifications on your mobile, you are all of a sudden Free! When You Wake Up in the Morning, you almost have ZERO notification to look at.

That’s an amazing time you have created for your self! And if you still do not believe me, read the article on Time and learn how notifications are killing your productivity.

P.S. I still use Facebook via browser. (I said to uninstall the app, not to delete the account)

P.S.S I also use Whatsapp but my status on Whatsapp communicates people that I am not using it and that they shouldn’t expect an immediate reply from me. <<THIS Keeps me Super Free!>>

My Whatsapp Status – Away from Whatsapp! Catch me on Email or SMS

2) Laterbox.co



I am using Laterbox for 1 month now and man I am super impressed! It is just what I wanted as a replacement to a regular TO DO List.

Laterbox works on the Idea of 1-3-5

i.e. Every Day, You will have

  • 1 Important task to Complete
  • 3 Medium Priority Task
  • 5 or more Low Priority Task

Writing down your task in laterbox, gives you super clarity as to what work you should do first.

Mostly, we tend to start our work with easy and low important task (Which is fine)

But then as the day progress we should shift our focus to the Key Task – #1 Highly Important task.

Laterbox reminds me that and helps me complete the most important task!


Additionally, it also allows you to add any task you wish to complete later.

This helps you not to forget a task which is not important right now but may be in the future.

It’s a super awesome feature. Every week when I am making my report, I open up later box and see the activities I wanted to do. And then add them in the current weeks plan!

I highly recommend this tool –> For super awesome clarity of work on day to day basis.

P.S. Remember they are in Beta, so you may sometime encounter some issues.

3) Eggtimer


Anything that I learned from 4 Hour Work Week was Timing Your Activities!

Have You Ever timed Your Work Activities?

You will be amazed when you do that!

When I started timing each and every activity, It just open my eyes that I take almost 3 hours to complete a weekly report. Earlier (for almost 6 months), I thought it takes me only an hour to complete the report!

Since I discovered that I need more time for the report, I started reducing the activities on that day.

Additionally, I delegated some part of the report to my colleague since that was easy and an opportunity to learn for him.

By timing my activity,  I not only increased my allotted time for the activity but I also delegated a part of my task.

Similarly, When I Schedule tweets/ post on our social media channels, I always thought it takes me 5-10 mins.

But, I was wrong. I used to take on an average 15 mins to do that. Sometimes, it used to take upto 30 mins [when I do not find a good content to share for my audience and that I had to dig it up further]

So my suggestion for you guys is to time you activity!

Go to eggtimer, Enter the time you think the task will take to complete and start the timer. Keep that tab away from you view so that you are not distracted.

You will either finish before the time or the eggtimer will notify you that your time has expired!

4) Using the 80/ 20 Rule to Remove the Low Quality Task

This exercise is a kicker, if you can dominant this –>You will free your time 10x or Increase your results 10x.


Since the results are so high, the exercise in itself is super tough to perform. Sometimes you will have take actions that you may think are nuts.

For example, saying NO to your BOSS when he assigns you some activity or asking him to re-consider the deadline of the task since you understand that it is not of high value.

What’s 80/20?

20 Percent of the causes comes from 80 per of the effects!

In our world:

20 percent of the work activities brings 80 percent of the results!

Real Life Example:

TLdr;– 1 Marketing Activity out of total 4, brings 70 percent of the results.

That is rule of inequality or the 80/20 law. You use it to get rid of low performing activities to free up your time and replace it with new high performing activities.

Detailed Explanation:

I work with a Web Analytics Agency where we do Webinars every month!

I do following activities to reach out to the target audience and ultimately bring more registrations:

  1. Email Marketing (Sending Invites to Our Subscribers)
  2. Social Media Promotion (includes promoting on our social media channels, Promoting on various groups on google+, linkedin, Facebook, reddit and inbound)
  3. Influencer outreaching (Asking Influencers to Tweet/ share about the webinar)
  4. Random emails/ tweets to strangers who have shown interest in the topic
  5. Leveraging the Website and Blog to Divert the Traffic to the Webinar Registration Page

Now What’s your Guess, what’s bringing in 80% of the registrations?

Here’s the webinar registration break down by activities:

  • Email Marketing  – 67%
  • Influencer Outreaching + Social Media Promotion + others – 33%

You can say that 70 percent of our registrations comes from Email Marketing! While Less than 33% percent comes from Social Media Promotion &  Infleuncer outreaching combined.

Time Spent on Each Activity:

  1. Email Marketing (6 – 7 hours)
  2. Infleuncer Outreaching, Social Media Promotion & others (7 – 8 hours)  – Includes creating a list of influencers, emailing or tweeting them, Sharing webinar on Reddit/Inbound, G+, Linkedin & fb groups. Also sharing it regularly on our social media platforms. Tweeting to authors and random people who have shown interest in the topic in the past.

If you see my time allotment – I spent almost equal amount of time on each activity.

Still, Email marketing brings more registrations (34 % more registrations). – This is the law of inequality or the 80/20 principle.

Taking Advantage of 80/20 Principle:

That means, I can simply reduce time spent on social media promotion, random tweets and email or even influencer outreaching to some extend and replace it with Email Marketing.

i.e. If I spend 5 Hours on Social Media Promotion & Emailing Random People Who Might be Interested,

I Would Now Spend my Extra 3 Hours on Improving the Email Copy or Making Changes on my blog such that I collect more email subscribers which in turn can increase # of registrations!

And the left over 2 Hour on Social Media Promotion

You See by Applying the 80/ 20 Rule, You Allocate More Time to the Activity that is working for you! Doing so, it is obvious that your conversions will increased in less time.

Atleast, it happen in my case:

Every since, I learned about this, I started investing more time in email marketing (i.e. more time spent on improving the email copy, experimenting with the template, experimenting with the Subject line and experimenting with the send time & frequency of the emails.)

My dejavu moment came with frequency of the emails:

Earlier My frequency was:

  • First Webinar Invitation ( 2 Weeks Before Start Date)
  • Second Webinar Invitation (1 Week Before Start Date – People who didn’t opened my first invitation)
  • 1 Hour and 1 Day Before reminder to registered Users (Automate by GOTOMEETING)

Now My Email Frequency is:

  • First Webinar Invitation ( 2 Weeks Before Start Date)
  • Second Webinar Invitation (1 Week Before Start Date – People who didn’t opened my first invitation)
  • Third Webinar Invitation (2 Hours Before Start Date – People who opened but didn’t registered)
  • 1 Hour and 1 Day Before reminder to registered Users (Automated by GOTOMEETING)

That third Email brought in new 10 % registrations!  That’s a success!

Additionally, I started focusing on capturing more email addresses, this helped me increase my email capturing conversion rate from 0.5 to 2%!


The idea is to identify one or two activity that is bringing more conversions and investing more time on it to increase conversions. Meanwhile reducing/ delegating low on conversion activities.

5) Promodro Technique!


The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method.

The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. These intervals are known as “pomodori”

One should target around 10 pomodori in a day and anything more than 10+ is fantastic.

How I use it?

Before I begin my work, I set the eggtimer to 25 minutes. After the 25 minutes are over, I take a short break of 5 mins and reset the timer again to 25 mins.

After 3 – 4 pomodri, I take a big break of around 20 – 30 minutes.

Doing so keeps me super focused & fresh!

Why use it?

Because that’s how you will maintain the energy level!

If you keep on working for 2 hours stretch you are bound to have super low energy levels as the day progresses.

Note: Promodro does says that divide your task at 25 minutes, I however set my first couple of hours at 50 mins, since I know I am super active/ productive in the morning and hence do not mind keeping a longer duration before I take a break. After lunch when my energy level are down, I start using the 25 mins duration.

Hope the above 5 tools/ ways helps you in increasing your productivity. If you are looking for more productivity tips, just hop on to reddit.com/r/productivity!


Understanding Introverts [Your Quick one Page Guide]


(Following post is absolutely inspired by the book – Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking)

Introverts (or those of us with introverted tendencies) tend to recharge by spending time alone. They lose energy from being around people for long periods of time, particularly large crowds. And hence generally does not prefer a place where there will be a large crowd.

Additionally, they are drawn to the inner world of thought and feeling. They spent good amount of their time in their homes, libraries, quiet parks or other secluded places reading books or watching series, etc.

Note: There’s is nothing like an absolute Introvert.  Everyone is a mix of introvert and extrovert characteristic. It is just that, introvertedness is more dominant in us.

Types of Introverts:

  • Social
  • Thinking
  • Anxious
  • Restrained

Read more about them here.

3 Things Introverts are generally good at:

Focus: Introverts like to focus on one task at a time and can have mighty powers of concentration. They’re relatively immune to the lures of wealth and fame.

Deliberative: Introverts often work more slowly and deliberately. Introverts seem to be specifically wired or trained so when they catch themselves getting excited and focused on a goal, their vigilance increases.” [i.e. we are super deliberative in nature]

Generosity: Introverts will allow their fellow colleagues or say extrovert partners to take the center stage and do not crave for spotlight. In all, they would be happy to give up their happiness for others!

About Work & Workplace:

  • For introverts – Working alone is the best thing
  • A freedom of when you come and go – basically an unforced workplace gets the work done for the introverts!
  • Since we speak less, managers can give introverts a lot of work without showing/ giving much attention to us.

What drives an Introvert?

An Introvert person could work around the clock for days on end, for no better reason than to keep on working. [Explains why we do what we do]

How Introverts can succeed at work?

Introverts have the ability to listen, to be organized and have laser sharped focus. Additionally, they are creative & deliberative in nature. Introverts can use these traits to deliver the work like no one!

Fantastic Work Advice from Steve Wozniak:

Work alone. You’re going to be best able to design revolutionary products and features if you’re working on your own.

Not on a committee. Not on a team.

How Introverts can balance their energy?

Introverts need to have restorative niches where they can get back to their full introvert mode.

[An introvert goes to a restorative niche so that he can recharge again. It is considered that when an introvert is at work or outside, he acts as an extrovert to some extend – acting so, they feel exhausted and hence need a place to go and recharge]