Inspiration from Albert Einstein

Albert EinsteinFollowing is an excerpt from the book “Ten Much by A.G. Krishnamurthy” where the author describes the early life of Albert Einstein.
I was touched and inspired when i read it.I hope you too find it inspirational.

Here you go:
“He didn’t learn to speak English till he was four.He didn’t learn to tie his own shoe laces for an embarrassingly long time.He was probably the last person in the class to learn to read.His teachers declared him mentally slow and when he finally managed to get through school, he failed the entrance exam to college.
And yet today, it is his name that immediately springs to mind when asked to name the world’s topmost genius,
Albert Einstein.
Yes.The very same genius was all this and more as a child.But he struggled through his obstacles and excelled in the same field that he was declared unfit for and went on to win a Noble prize for Physics.”

Conceptual Age

I was reading this book “A Whole New Mind, Why right brainers will the rule the future” by Daniel Pink and got to know about the whole new age i.e. Conceptual Age

Conceptual Age, An age where creativity, design, thinking out of box, Innovation, doing something new is more important then Logic’s and Management.

Gone are days of Computer Programmer’s, Lawyers and MBA’s (Left brainers). He says today the world is in the hands of Artists, Inventors, designers, story tellers, big picture thinkers- (Right brainers)

Author’s argument is based on rise of three huge social and economic forces-Abundance, Asia and Automation.
Here’s an article from the author where he describes in brief about these factors:

The book is divided into two parts:
Part I is dedicated to Rise of Conceptual Age (as explain above)
Part II is dedicated to various Skills that will play a vital role in Conceptual Age

Skills that he has pointed out are as follows:
• Design
• Story
• Symphony
• Empathy
• Play
• Meaning

Author has even gone further in explaining of how one can develop such skills.
If you really want to stay ahead in your career then this book is highly recommended.

Here’s what authour has to say:

New Transition Under Process:From Orkut to Facebook and now Google+

When last month Google announced it’s new social networking website Google+, one famous quote struck ma mind “Nothing is permenant, except change”
I wondered whether G+ is the new change??

Till now G+ has created a huge hype among netizens thanks to its marketing strategy of invitation based calling.If we believe Google, the new networking site has already 20+ millions members !!
Google are sure that this time they have struck the cord and are ready to wedge a full fledge war against a 500+ billions members Facebook.

Before we go further, i want you to go back some 4-5 years , from where it all began-

Year 2007 and it was Orkut all over the web!
It was our first experience on web, where we were virtually connected to our friends.Features like scrapbook, photo sharing and comments were the one which kept us all online.
We were all busy goofing up who’s who! Lolz
Now around 2010 came Facebook.Although it was their before but we didn’t notice it, as we didn’t need to.
Facebook became an instant hit in indian market with its “Wall’s”.
Sharing reached its new heights.With just one click, you can tell your freinds anything you want.
We found facebook more simpler and unique.With its Super awesome Applications and Gaming experience , it was just irresistible.
Till today it gives users that “charismatic” feel!

In midst of this, Google has announced G+
Google+ at its core has the same experience as FB.But,it has new features like Circle’s, Hangout’s and Spark which are seriously cachy and crowd puller.
G+ is currently under beta testing mode and hence limited users(those who have invitations) are having access to it.It is certain that when G+ will come out of beta testing mode it will see a rush of netizens signing in and making their G+ profiles!

Mean while users will move from FB to G+, marking a new transition in the Web world!

Business Model:How Browsers like Opera,Fire-Fox and Chrome Make Money?

Ever wondered how Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and Google chrome earns money??
We all know that these browsers are available for free on market! Then how the heck are they making money? Interesting question, right!

I did ma searches on Google and here’s the best suitable answer I got from Opera’s Website:-

“Today we have two different revenue models: One for the Internet embedded markets (such as Opera pre-installed on a mobile phone or a set-top box) and one for the desktop market:

1.For the Internet embedded market, we receive revenue as a mix of engineering fees, maintenance fees and shares of sales income. The balance varies from contract to contract. This model accounts for the majority of Opera’s income.
2.For the desktop market, we derive revenue from our free products through revenue sharing with partners. For example, several search engines make usage payments to us for searches made by you (Opera users). This is the major source of income for Opera’s desktop browser, with revenue shares also in place on a variety of mobile products.”

Making it simpler, all the browsers not only Opera earn money by two major sources:

1)Revenue generated from searches that users do on various search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo in a browser.
2)Fix license fee collected to pre-install a browser like Opera on your Handhelds/Mobiles.

Here are some more interesting facts:
•In 2008 Firefox made some $78 million against its expense of $50 million.
•90% of that earning was obtained from the little search box we see at top-right hand side of browser!
•Opera in 2008 made some $86 million against its expense of $72 million
•Its earning were divided between search engines and fee collected to installed the browser on various mobile device

Updated on 1/1/2014 –

I did a quick check on the revenue models and the earnings of the browsers and found nothing new except that Mozilla generated almost $311 Million in 2012

Cool isnt’t 😛



Inspiration From Steve Jobs:Keep Doing What You Love

Updated(24/08/11): News Just Came In That Steve Jobs Has Resigned as the CEO of Apple Inc.

Find what you love, don’t waste time:- Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is the Founder of Apple Inc.Fall of Steve Jobs
Do u know he was fired from his own company (Apple) when it was about to mark its 10th anniversary?
At that time, he became a public failure. Media was mad after him. He didn’t knew what to do?
All his dreams suddenly shattered.

Summing up I would say he was again “No one”.

After all this, Today Steve Jobs is the CEO* of Apple Inc
So, Here’s an Inspirational story of how Steve Jobs became an Icon:-

Flash Back:-
Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak started Apple in 1976.
Company kicked off with the launch of its path breaking product Apple-I & II.
The company grew and so its size. In later years, competition increased and Apple lost its market share as it was unable to develop new computers that could match others.There was tremendous pressure on Apple to develop Computers that will bring up their sales.But sadly Steve Jobs and his team were unable to make a computer that could capture the market.
After 10 years of its launch, Apple was still relying on it’s early product Apple-II
Due to crisis, one fine day the management decides to remove Steve Jobs from the Company.
According to the records “He was fired from the company as his project Macintosh didn’t succeed in market and also due to problems he had with the management(It is said that Steve Jobs was very egoistic and self-centric.)”

Sad Demise:
Here’s what Steve had to say when he got fired :
At 30 I was out. And very publicly out. What had been the focus of my entire adult life was gone, and it was devastating. I really didn’t know what to do for a few months. I felt that I had let the previous generations of entrepreneurs down-that I had dropped the baton as it was being passed to me. I was a public failure, and I even thought about running away from valley”
–Stanford Commencement Address, 12 Jun 2005

What Now:-
Now he was in search of a new direction in his life. During this period he traveled to Europe, Tuscany and started thinking to settle in France. He went to Soviet Union to preach the benefits of personal computing and asked NASA if he could ride the space shuttle. He even thought of running for the office of governor of California. But none of these endeavors could really absorb his energy and his continuing passion for computing.

Turning Point:-
It is said that Steve had some $ 100 million when he left Apple Inc! With that wealth he could start/ do anything in the world.
He did it again what he did some 10 years ago.
He did what he always loved to do.
He decided to start a new a company all over again. A company that would build a high-end computer aimed solely at the higher education and research markets, Next Inc.

Back with Apple:-
Some years later, around 1996, Apple required a new Operating System for his internal project. Unfortunately, they like the NeXTSTEP, an OS of Next Inc.
Board of Apple instantly liked the OS and immediately offered Steve to buy his software. What was more amazing, they even offered Steve to buy NeXT Inc!
Apple offered to pay more than $ 400 million for NeXT. If Steve accepts the offer he was with Apple again.
The same reason why Apple fired him, led them to rethink. They were very much impressed with Steve’s work that now they couldn’t afford him to not to have him on board.

Hats off to Steve:-
And hence his second inning With Apple began. He launched various products which became an instant hit in the market.
These products are very well known today: iMac, iPod, iPhone and most recent iPad.
Today Apple is looked upon as the most desired and fascinating brand in the world, all thanks to Steve Jobs.
Today his Personal net worth is $ 8.5 billion and is living happily in California, U.S.A. as CEO* of Apple Inc.

I will end this post by saying this:
“Steve did what he loved —-a n d brought revolution in the computing world”
It’s Hard to imagine the Present, if Steve had not listened to his heart!
Cheers to this man.!!
So, you too “Keep doing what you love”.
I hope this piece of article has definitely provided you some sort of Inspiration.

How to Deal With Negative Temper?

Negative TemperThis post is basically about dealing with negative temper 😦 in you .Today i will share with you how to break that Negative pattern of your mind and start feeling positive 🙂

Good Days and Bad Days are a part of everybody’s lives.When everything is coming to us we feel very good and happy but then when things turn the other way around we curse ourself and God.

Here’s the thing that you should do when you are not feeling good.

Feeling bad is the state you are in.Your purpose is to come out of it.Now this can be done by doing the stuffs that makes you feel happy and get you to the state where you forget all your worries.It can be calling up your friends, playing some good music, taking a walk or playing some musical instrument, reading novels, Watching the movie you admire the most,Games…it can be anything. It varies from one person to other.

So first know what things turns you on in life ! Then simply do that thing.When you start doing that stuff you will gradually shift from Negative Temper to Positive mood.

Let me tell you, how this stuff works:When you do things you like the most, you enter into a different world all of sudden, all worries and problems will be virtually thrown out of your mind and you will be left out with only good things.Resulting into breaking the Negative pattern.

The process mention above is not easy and fast to learn.It requires once patience and faith to master it.
If you tried once but didn’t work then don’t get turn off instead try it again.With patience and practice will you will definitely master it.

So thats it for today,
I hope the content will help you whenever you are feeling down.

Thank you.
Cheer me up by commenting below!