New Transition Under Process:From Orkut to Facebook and now Google+

When last month Google announced it’s new social networking website Google+, one famous quote struck ma mind “Nothing is permenant, except change”
I wondered whether G+ is the new change??

Till now G+ has created a huge hype among netizens thanks to its marketing strategy of invitation based calling.If we believe Google, the new networking site has already 20+ millions members !!
Google are sure that this time they have struck the cord and are ready to wedge a full fledge war against a 500+ billions members Facebook.

Before we go further, i want you to go back some 4-5 years , from where it all began-

Year 2007 and it was Orkut all over the web!
It was our first experience on web, where we were virtually connected to our friends.Features like scrapbook, photo sharing and comments were the one which kept us all online.
We were all busy goofing up who’s who! Lolz
Now around 2010 came Facebook.Although it was their before but we didn’t notice it, as we didn’t need to.
Facebook became an instant hit in indian market with its “Wall’s”.
Sharing reached its new heights.With just one click, you can tell your freinds anything you want.
We found facebook more simpler and unique.With its Super awesome Applications and Gaming experience , it was just irresistible.
Till today it gives users that “charismatic” feel!

In midst of this, Google has announced G+
Google+ at its core has the same experience as FB.But,it has new features like Circle’s, Hangout’s and Spark which are seriously cachy and crowd puller.
G+ is currently under beta testing mode and hence limited users(those who have invitations) are having access to it.It is certain that when G+ will come out of beta testing mode it will see a rush of netizens signing in and making their G+ profiles!

Mean while users will move from FB to G+, marking a new transition in the Web world!

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