Some Mind Blowing Facts from the Book “Rest”

So I have been reading this Book “Rest” by Alex Soojung and I just came across two super useful scientific study.

I really wanted to post it here so that I can revisit it anytime and can share it with anyone.

These ideas will help you stimulate creativity.

And by the way, you already know these ideas but somehow we all need some scientific proof do really consume it.

1) Walking stimulates Creativity

Scientific Study Excerpt from the Book:

In an experiment by Oppezzo and Schwartz – they divided a group of students into four groups.

One group worked inside at a table (the siting group), one walked on a tredmill (walkin), one walked around campus (walkout), and one was pushed along the same Campaus path in a wheelchair (sitout).

Each group took creativity test called the Symbolic Equivalence Test (SET), in which you come up with metaphors or equivalent images for a phrase like “wind blown leaves”

Result of Study:

Once again, walkers scored higher than the sitters. Additionally, it was concluded that may be walking just allows more ideas to bubble up.

2) Nap Stimulates Creativity

Excerpt from the book:

At the university of Dusseldorf Olaf Lahl – two groups of students were shown a list of thirty words for two minutes and told them to memorize as many as possible.

One group was then allowed to nap for up to an hour, while the other stayed awake.

Result: When they were tested to see how many words they could recall, the students who napped did significantly better than those who didn’t.

In a second experiment, one group was kept awake, a second napped as long as they wanted and a third was woken up after five minutes.

Result: Lahl found that even a five minutes nap yielded measurable improvements in rentention: not as great as a longer nap, but still statistically significant.

Elon Musk: How I Became The Real ‘Iron Man’

I am literally out of words! This man is changing the course of our history!

He is actually bringing the Green Revolution! Two of his companies – Tesla (Automobile) & Solarcity (Electricity) are changing the course of the world!

While Spacex – his third company – is his ultimate adventure. He wants to create a vehicle by which any human can go to Mars for a trip! It is currently the only Successful Privately independent company in the space industry!

#fucking hats off to this man!

P.S. He was the founder of Paypal!

Life Quote for Internet Addicts

Life also exists outside the internet, not all the answers are available on Internet but some are within you. So don’t always look upon the internet to search for an answer but find them within you

– From an Internet addict who stumbled upon the bitter truth

Power of software companies

Yesteraday, Microsoft bought the mobile division of Nokia through a 7 billion dollar deal and last year too a similar kind of deal took place between Google and Motorola wherein they bought complete business of Motorola for around 12 billion

Few things that seemed impossible to understand and accept are now pretty clear and real, it was impossible to realize the importance of software or web companies 10 years back, i mean who would have claim that a software company will be capable of buying out a hardware company?

A mirage of a distant past is now real and nobody needs a reason to accept the fact  that software companies or web based companies will be the key drivers of growth and development in coming years

P.s. I m happy to be a part of IT

What do you know about internet?

Why was internet Made? (Off course, Internet was basically made to communicate things. (In technical terms it was made to send bytes of data from one pc to another)

But, how do we use the internet? And Where are we spending our time over internet? and how much time?

Are we doing things on internet that we were meant for or are we spending time on useless things?

What is the true potential of internet?

How can we increase our productivity using internet? and indeed live an awesome life?

I am stuck with all these questions and as i began my quest on internet, I will update you with answers to each and every question. I want to know if people are spending their time on internet wisely and are they using it to increase their efficiency or not? (Because that’s the ultimate goal)

If you can answer any of these question, i would be more then happy to have it. 

One Awesome Writing Tip

“Write like you speak”

Content should be free of jargon and business babble, anyway. If you write like you speak, it will be an easier writing and reading experience.

Do not, however, write like you think. Our brains are jumbled messes. We filter ourselves for a reason.

I am now questioning myself if i have writen my earlier post like i speak or like i think

#Eyeopener #confusing too